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I’m looking for translated version of glg_subscribe_comments to regroup them here. If you’re using one, please let me know in a comment below, I will contact you next by email.

glg_subscribe_comments is a textpattern plugin that allow your visitors to subscribe the discussion of an article.

It add a checkbox below the comment form. If the visitor check it when he comments, he will receive a notification every time a new comment is posted.

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Language plugins

I developed too a plugin that translate glg_subscribe_comments in French. This plugin is not standalone and glg_subscribe_comments has to be installed.


Copy and paste the content of the file above in the plugin area.


Once installed, The plugin works by itself. Activate it and you will see a new checkbox below your comment’s message inputs.

Your visitors can then subscribe to your articles comments. They will be notified y email when a new comment is posted (except by theirself). The notification will contain a link to unsubscribe.

The plugin works well if you have the moderate_comments preference activated.


You can set the following preferences :

  • Automatically add the checkbox (Yes by default) : You can choose to hide the checkbox and configure your own display on the comment_form form. Use the plugins tags presented in the “Tags” section.
  • Check by default (No by default) : Switch to Yes if you prefer the checkbox to be checked by default the first time a visitor post a comment. The following times, the plugin will remember user’s choice, except if he choose
    to forget the informations.
  • From name : The identity of the mailer in the sent mails. Leave it blank to use default value (site name).
  • From name : The mail of the mailer in the sent mails. Leave it blank to use default value (smtp_from parameter in php.ini).
  • Mail subject pattern : You can write your own subject, using the following parameter :
    • {site} : Site name.
    • {author} : Author of the comment’s name.
    • {title} : Title of the article. Leave it blank to use the default value (equal to the original one).


If you choose to not automatically add the checkbox to your comment forms, you may use the following tags for display.

<txp:glg_subscription_checkbox />

Display the subscribe option checkbox. The checkbox get the id glg_subscribe_checkbox. Hidden when a visitor unsubscribe.

  • default 0 or 1 Specify if the checkbox is checked by default. Bypass the preference.
  • id string Specify an id for the checkbox (defaut glg_subscription_checkbox).
  • class string Specify a class name for the checkbox.
<txp:glg_subscribe_checkbox_label />

Display the label for the checkbox. This label change if the visitor has already subscribed to the article’s comments. Works with a cookie.

  • wraptag string The wrapping HTML tag. The message is wrapped in a label. Specify a wraptag if you wish to add an extra tag inside the label. Keep compliant with XHTML.
  • for string Value for the for attribute of the label tag (default : glg_subscription_checkbox).
<txp:glg_subscription_message />

Display a confirmation message when a visitor unsubscribe.

  • wraptag string The wrapping HTML tag. Default : p.
<txp:glg_if_subscribed />

Conditional tag that offers the possibility to display content or not depending on the fact that the visitor has already subscribed.

Notification mail tags

You can also customize the content of the notification mail. The plugin use the form glg_comment_notification to generate the content of the mail. In this form, you can use textpattern main tags used to get article or comment properties. The followings tags are available too.

<txp:glg_comment_link />

Display the link to the comment.

  • html 0 or 1 If 0, generate the url of the comment. If 1, generate an HTML anchor. Default 0.
<txp:glg_unsubscribe_link />

Display the link to the notifications unsubscription.

  • html 0 or 1 If 0, generate the unsubscription url. If 1, generate an HTML anchor. Default 0.

Commentaires vides de sens (11)


Le 16.11.2010 à 15h25 #

Hi, I like Your plugin, but I don’t like to moderate the comments – is´t possible to make it works without the moderate_comments option is checked?


Le 16.11.2010 à 20h00 #

Yes, of course. It’s working like this right here. I neither like to moderate. Did you encounter any issue with comments moderation set to off?


Le 18.11.2010 à 11h15 #

Well, on my website, when You subscribe for new comments, You won`t recieve any email about these. And I´m trying to find out why. And I have to say, that I have not recieve any email from Your site as well (and I just checked the spam filter) :( Any idea? I would like to get it work… Thanks.


Le 19.11.2010 à 23h07 #

I have absolutely no idea why you’re not receiving emails. Your address is in my database for this article.

Other people here are receiving notifications. Maybe it’s coming from your mail adress or your mail provider (maybe a server side spam filter?)

Do you know if your site visitors are getting their notifications?


Le 24.11.2010 à 00h33 #

I checked the spam filter (now and before) and it is not the problem.

But I have contacted the host provider about PHP setting and email functions, and they have replied, that these function are limited by their FUP and they have recommended me to set up new email adress and send email trought their smtp using this adress… is this possible with Your plugin setting up the “From” field?

Thanks for Your help….


Le 24.11.2010 à 02h16 #

You’re welcome.

The plugin use the mail() function and the smtp server configured in php.ini.

You have to change it in that file, or use the php function ini_set() to change it in the beginning of the plugin code.

I’ve not plannet yet to offer in the future a way to configure the smtp server via the plugin.

Hope you will fix your problem.


Le 16.02.2011 à 07h50 #

Any plans to include a double opt-in email confirmation? For example when you subscribe the plug-in sends and email asking you to click a link to confirm your subscription?


Le 16.02.2011 à 09h38 #

Yes it’s planned, maybe in the next two or three months.


Le 26.05.2012 à 07h12 #

Hi Grégo,

This plug-in is working great on my girlfriend’s site, but the unsubscribe link in the emails doesn’t work.

First, it didn’t work at all. It was using an & instead of a ? in the url. I edited the plug-in and changed the $sep variable to switch based on permlink_mode instead of url_mode.

Once that was working, I was able to reach the correct URL, and I got the confirmation message that I would be unsubscribed, but I continued to receive emails after that.

I was able to successfully unsubscribe only once I posted a new comment and unchecked the “Keep receiving emails…” box. So I think that one of the unsubscribe functions is working, but the one that handles ?glg_unsubscribe URLs.

Do you have any ideas?


Le 06.06.2012 à 08h04 #

Hi Chad,

Thanks fot tracking this issue. I have currently very little time to work on the plugin, but I plan to improve it as soon as possible.

I will look at your issue at this moment, and will let you know here about it.

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